LEV Testing / COSHH Testing

LEV Testing (Local Exhaust Ventilation) - What the law requires

The COSHH regulations 2002 state that all Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems require to be maintained in an efficient state, in good repair, and tested at least every 14 months.  As an employer this means that, in addition to having your LEV systems tested, you must ensure that you have procedures in place to carry out regular maintenance checks and that these are documented.

LEV Services

AES can support you in complying with every requirement of the COSHH Regulations 2002  including LEV testing  (also known as a COSHH test or Thorough Examination and Test).  Our services are available in Scotland and throughout the UK.   In additon, we can then repair or replace your LEV system should it be required.

LEV Testing and Examination

All AES LEV Testing engineers are BOHS P601 qualified and all LEV testing is carried out in accordance with the COSHH 2002 regulations and HSG 258. Testing will involve a full visual examination of the system (including extraction hoods, ducting, filter units, fans and discharge arrangements to identify any potential defects.  A range of quantitative measurements will then be made including:

In addition the above the ability of the system to control the hazardous substance will be ascertained by means of dust lamp tests, smoke tests or light-scattering laser photometer.  This assessment will determine whether the system is capable of providing adequate control and is the key criteria in issuing a ‘satisfactory’ or ‘unsatisfactory’ notification in the LEV test report.

Your AES Engineer will supply a comprehensive report on your LEV system performance along with any recommendation for remedial action required. For new or previously undocumented systems we can provide a user manual and logbook.

LEV Testing UK Case Studies

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