LEV System Design

AES offers a full LEV system design service. All of our design engineers are qualified to the BOHS accredited P602 standard in Local Exhaust Ventilation design.

Following your initial enquiry, one of our experienced team will carry out a site visit and provide you with advice including a range of options available to meet your needs and budget. Our in-house design team will provide an AutoCAD design for your approval before the installation commences. Following the installation, we will commission the system in accordance with HSG 258 and provide a user manual and log book.

Our LEV systems are tailored and designed for the specific contaminant type and workplace. We have designed and installed LEV systems of varying sizes, with small business, large workshops and major production plants all befitting from custom designed and installed Local Exhaust Ventilation systems.

Our team can work with staff in order to find the best solutions for the practices occurring. This includes choosing the correct method of extraction that will adequately remove fumes, dusts or vapours – whilst providing the least intrusive change to the way in which workers carry out tasks.

If you are unsure of what kind of system your workplace requires, our team of experts can explain the range of solutions available and help you to choose a suitable system for your work processes.