Workplace Clean Up Systems

Breathing in dusts can be bad for your health. Recent evidence suggests that uncontrolled dust exposure may be linked Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

When it comes to cleaning up dust, many people brush it, or try to blow it away using a compressed air source. However, these methods will result in the dust moving back up into the air – where it can be breathed in.

Once dust is in the air, it is very hard to control. One of the simplest ways of controlling it is to stop it from getting into the air. Health and Safety Executive guidelines prohibit dry brushing of dust and cleaning using compressed air.

Any workplace or process which generates dust can potentially benefit from dedicated workplace clean up systems. Applications include joinery workshops, stone masonry workshops, construction sites, grinding of composites in e.g. Automotive and Aeronautical production and repair, preparation of foodstuffs and preparation of Pharmaceuticals.

AES can provide a large range of solutions for workplace cleaning – from small portable extraction units to large ducted systems with multiple plug in points and a central filter. For small workshops, a portable unit may be the economical and practical solution however for large workshops with a large number of users; a centralised ducted solution may provide the most cost effective solution to keep your workplace clean.