Novus AirTower

The Novus AirTower revolutionises the filtration of welding fume

In some cases, an effective local exhaust ventilation system for multiple weld points on complex and large components is not practical.  Unlike conventional  factory air extraction systems, the Novus AirTower does not need ducting to be installed. Just set it up, connect the electrics & compressed air… and you’re done.

The layered ventilation principle

The contaminated air is drawn into the unit at the top and the filtered air is returned into the workplace draught free near to the ground. Due to the optimum use of the thermals generated during the welding process, the layered ventilation principle is seen as the best way for recirculating air. It ensures pure air in the breathing zone and minimises heating costs due to the reduction of the external air ratio.


The contaminated room air sucked in at the top of the unit flows through a multi-cyclone pre-separator (with protection against sparks and coarse dust) and is then filtered in the 1st filter stage through the BGIA-approved long life filter cartridges.

The Unit

The Novus AirTower has fully automatic cleaning and thus permits trouble-free continuous operation of the system. The separated dust (including coarse particles) are collected in a special dust collecting drawer divided into two that can be easily removed. The 2nd filter stage acts as a class F9 monitoring filter.

The 3rd filter stage of class G4 in the discharge openings assists equal distribution of the air and protects the unit against dust entering from outside when the unit is down. The cleaned air is now discharged at low velocity (and therefore draught-free) at the three large discharge areas at the bottom of the filter tower. The round design allows for an optimum flow of fresh air to the employees, a visually successful integration in the production environment and, of particular importance, a very quiet operation.

  • 70 % savings in heating costs* (ca. £7,500.00 per year in 1 shift operation at 14 °C temperature difference). Request your individual amortization calculation!
  • Power requirement less than 1.5 kW per 1,000 m³ cleaned hall air
  • Low operating costs thanks to the fully automated cleaning of the long life filter cartridges
  • Installation and commissioning service
  • No extensive ducting installation and assembly work necessary

  • Radio remote control
  • IFA W3-tested version
  • Activated carbon pads for gas cleaning
  • Alternative filter available for oil mist separation
  • Individual customer design with height adjustable intake