Fume Cupboard Supply

Fume cupboard supply and installation

AES can supply, install and commission a range of ducted and filtered fume cupboards manufactured by CleanAir and Monmouth Scientific, two of the UK’s leading Fume Cupboard and Fume Extraction service providers. In conjunction with Clean Air and Monmouth, AES have successfully delivered a range of fume cupboard and fume extraction solutions to establishments in Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the UK.

We can supply fume cupboards for a range of substances, with several filter types available, ensuring the user has the correct filtration for their contaminant type. If you are unsure of which filtration type is needed for the chemicals you are using, get in touch via the number and email address above and we can advise you on which system and filters would be best suited to your situation.

AES are also available for the LEV testing of fume cupboards, which is required by law every 14 months (typically performed annually). Our specialist testing staff are qualified in CLEAPSS regulation requirements, and will provide a fully comprehensive report of the testing carried out for HSE records.

If advanced fume cupboard systems are required, AES can also supply systems such as laminar flow cabinets, formalin dispensing stations and Class II (2) Micro-biological safety cabinets.

For more information on the supply, purchasing or installation of a fume cabinet, please contact us on 0800 032 0895 or email us on the address above. Alternatively, you can view our selection of fume cupboards on our online store by clicking the link below.