Education Workshop Machinery Supply

Education Workshop Machinery supplied and installed.

AES are authorised suppliers and installers of all major recognised education workshop machinery used within Craft, Design and Technology Departments in schools and colleges. We are trusted by a range of leading machine manufacturers to ensure their machinery is installed to the highest possible standards, including BS4163:2014 (Health and Safety for Design and Technology in Schools) and Building Bulletin 81 (Design and Technology Accommodation in Schools: A Design Guide).

Our service department are fully trained in the repair and maintenance of the workshop equipment we supply, meaning that once your machinery is installed you have peace of mind that your workshop can be running and compliant at all times, and servicing is a simple call-out away.

Many of our workshop machines connect up to our signature industry-leadingĀ C-VAC Centralised Vacuum system, which removes dust and debris directly at the point of creation, meaning that your workshop air is breathable and safe. Direction extraction also keeps your students safe by protecting their eyesight and skin from irritants found within woods. An indirect advantage of having a centralised extraction system working upon your workshop machinery, is that by removing excess materials that would clutter the working materials the student has a clearer and more direct view of the work that they are carrying out.

AES can also supply equipment for CAD/CAM design classes, as well as rapid prototyping design classes. Recent installations carried out upon new secondary schools have required the supply of 3D Printers and 3D Printing materials. These systems can also come supplied with an extraction system to remove smells and airborne particles produced during the printing process. Although this is not currently a requirement by law due to the recent emergence of the 3D printing technique, future proofing your system and the safety of students is advised.

Safety is paramount when students are utilising the features of the workshop, and AES aim to deliver the highest possible levels of safety. Our systems come fitted with emergency brake systems, safe working area markings, secure key machine locks and cutting edge guard systems.

If you are looking to outfit an educational workshop in a school, college or university, then call us on 0800 032 0895 or email us on the address provided above.

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