Portable Cleaning Units

Portable Cleaning Units for Wood Dust Extraction

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance, wood dust should not be dry brushed, as this further spreads the most dangerous small wood particles into the airspace of workers. Wood dusts should instead be vacuumed using a centralised vacuum or a portable extraction unit with at filter that meets at least M grade classification. AES offers a selection of portable vacuum cleaners that allow customers to keep workplaces clean and meet the HSE’s requirements.

Our portable wood dust vacuum systems feature H13 HEPA Filtration, which filters the most dangerous wood dusts effectively. These units, by leading brands such as DustControl and Nederman, allow the wood dust waste to be safely collected into strong plastic sacks or metal bins for easy disposal. All of our vacuum units are of heavy duty industrial quality, with workplace-ready features such as 110V power options, tool attachment connections and forklift entry points.

A portable wood dust cleaning vacuum is ideal for carpenters who travel between work sites. Some of our dust control system connect directly to tools such as circular saws, allowing users to capture dusts at the point of creation, and then further clean the working environment once the job is complete.

Our portable cleaning units feature a range of heavy duty tools, including floor cleaning kits, brush nozzles and crevice nozzles. This selection of tools allows for complete and detailed cleaning of the workplace.

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