Ducted Extraction Systems

For medium to large woodworking facilities, AES design, supply and install our own range of modular bagged filter units. The modular design of our ducted extraction systems make it possible to enlarge filters to meet rising demand. Filters are available in a range of formats from a simple bagging system to a rotary valve fed conveying system, transferring waste to a trailer, skip or burner.

The AES Modular filter system is certified according to the ATEX European Directive for explosive dust.

Large volume extraction for all types of wood chip and dust are catered for with our “modular” filter sleeve bagging units. Up to eight modules can be joined together to supply a variety of extraction volume requirements up to 16,000C.F.M.. Each module can be fitted with either plastic waste collection sacks or steel bins.
Rotary Valve Filters are designed to discharge all extracted waste material under negative pressure into skips, storage silos and pneumatic transport systems. This type of extraction filter is modular in construction and features automatic cleaning, a high level of filtration and full return air option.
The AES chain filter has been designed to meet the needs of medium to large woodworking companies. The emphasis is on easy capacity expansion and the capability of handling the highest volumes of extracted waste material produced by today’s high throughput workshop machinery.