Portable / Mobile Weld Fume Extractors

AES supply portable welding fume extractors from a number of leading manufacturers including Nederman, Geovent and GEF. Portable extractors can be an economical solution where light, infrequent welding takes place, as they can be shared between locations and welding stations. Small mobile extraction units can be used in confined spaces where standard extraction arms are not practical or viable.

A portable extraction unit typically comes fitted with a rigid posable arm, allowing the user to direct the extraction point above the weld contact point. This ensures that the extraction works at maximum capture efficiency. Hoods, arms and filters are available with these units for a number of welding types including : Stainless Steel Welding, MIG, Arc Welding and TIG.

Our most popular model of portable extraction system, the Nederman Filtercart, is a reliable and powerful means of removing the primary hazard to welders and fabricators.

Portable welding extraction is ideal for fabricators with smaller workshops, where permanent ducted extraction systems are not practical or cost efficient. Having a portable system is also beneficial for travelling welders, who may be required to move their services between job sites or perform maintenance on a large site.

Small handheld portable units are now available from leading brand Nederman, which allow the user to easily carry the unit. These systems, called Fume Eliminators, allow the user to attach a nozzle for targeted capture of the weld fume. The unit is small enough to fit on top of most work benches. This system can also accept an on-torch extraction method, in which the extraction hood is integrated within the welders torch – extracting the fume at the very point of creation.

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Alternatively, if you would like to make instant purchase of an welders extraction system for rapid dispatch, you can browse our selection of units and accessories on our web shop linked below. We stock units, filters and spares from major brands.