High Vacuum on Torch

Recent advances in welding torch technology mean that harmful weld fumes can be captured using a welding torch with a built in nozzle for fume extraction purposes connected to a high vacuum extraction unit. On torch extraction has the advantage over traditional systems as the extraction is always on when welding, and the operator does not need to continually re-position an extraction hood or arm in order to get targeted extraction during their work.

On torch extraction is ideal for workers welding in a confined environment or non-traditional welding angle. These scenarios are difficult to capture by standard LEV methods such as via a fixed extraction arm, or portable system.

Integrated extraction welding torches are ergonomic and lightweight, varying only slightly from their non-extracted counterparts. Welders often prefer the extracted torches, as the fume does not travel further than the tip of the torch, giving them maximum visibility when welding. As dusts and particles created during the welding process are removed directly from source before they have time to settle, some welders report a cleaner weld finish.

On-torch extraction units can be connected to a variety of extraction machines. Smaller portable systems, such as the Nederman Fume Eliminator are portable and lightweight, meaning the welder can carry the system between jobs with ease. Larger systems, such as the Nederman 300E, come complete with a series of castors that allow the unit to be moved into position when welding, making for fast transfer between welding locations.

Welding with an on tool system has proven popular in industries such as ship building and maintenance, oil tank manufacturing and parts fabrication.

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