Fixed Ducted Systems

Weld Fume extraction systems for multiple welders, featuring Nederman extraction arms.

Ducted systems are typically used in situations where multiple welding stations are being used simultaneously. Extraction arms from leading brands such as Nederman and Geovent can be supplied in lengths of 1.5 – 9m and can be easily positioned by the operator in order to provide effective fume and dust extraction at any point on a large work piece. Ducted systems can be filtered or exhausted externally, with a main fan or filtration unit powering the suction in the arms.

Ducted systems are often economically superior if more than one welder is working, as consumable filter costs, as well as cost per unit, is kept to a minimum.

Other capture systems, such as downdraft benches, can be connected to a ducted system through an extraction port. A ducted system is often ideal for workshops in which various different extraction processes are involved. Ducting one major system instead of multiple smaller systems helps to consolidate costs involved.

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