Downdraft Benches

The ultimate combination product for welders performing tasks on components. Downdraught systems provide a non-intrusive means of weld fume extraction, whilst also acting as an excellent workbench for the user.

Downdraft Benches are an ideal solution where the operator is working with smaller components.  They act both as a workbench and an extraction hood and can be supplied with filters suitable for a vast range of welding and grinding applications. Alternatively, downdraft systems can be connected to a ducted system. When connected to a ducted system, the need to filtration is lowered, as harmful fumes created during the welding process are exhausted externally.

The downdraft system is often preferred by workers with smaller workshops, as a cumbersome fume arm is not required for targeted extraction when performing intricate tasks. Veteran welders often prefer downdraught systems over on-torch methods of extraction, as their welding torch does not have to be altered and they can essentially work atop the bench in an identical manner to what they would be used to.

AES can supply a range of downdraught benches from leading suppliers such as Nederman, GEF, ESTA and AirBench.

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