Welding Fume

The fume given off by welding and hot cutting processes is a mixture of airborne gases and very fine particles which, if inhaled can cause ill health. The toxicity and concentration of the fume depends on the material being welded and the method used, Weld fume from high alloy steel containing Chromium and Nickel is carcinogenic. There are a wide range of extraction solutions available for the control of weld fume. The correct solution should take into account the type of welding, substrate material, frequency of welding and size of workpiece.

AES offers the widest range of welding fume and grinding dust extraction equipment on the market from key manufacturers, including Nederman, ESTA and GEF. We deliver complete customised extraction solutions to cover all requirements and create the optimal working environment in welding shops.

Our expert design team can specify a complete bespoke system for your workplace. This system can then be installed by our team of qualified engineers, ready for your staff to utilise for maximum workplace safety.

Our products are suitable for light, medium and heavy duty welding and we can provide a variety of solutions, including mobile extraction units, traditional ducted systems and portable high vacuum on-torch extraction which is extremely effective in a wide variety of applications.

If you would like to make instant purchase of one of our key weld fume extraction products, you can click the link below to view our webshop. We are key suppliers of some of the industry’s most popular extraction products, as well as a vast range of replacement filters and spare parts.

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