Vehicle Exhaust Hoses

Vehicle exhaust hoses, either connected directly to a fan, or as part of a larger ducted system, can offer an economic, reliable and functional solution for all types of stationary vehicles producing exhaust fumes. These are available with either a balancer or a cord for manual hose suspension. The balancer automatically raises the hose and nozzle after disconnection and keeps them lifted clear of the floor at all times.

The exhaust hose is connected to the vehicle exhaust pipe tip using a nozzle. These nozzles are usually constructed of rubber and will clamp or compress to the pipe in order to ensure a tight fit. The extraction system pulls harmful emissions from the exhaust, through a fan and out to environment.

Exhaust hoses are available to suit a range of vehicle types. Vehicles with larger engines, such as vans, trucks and high performance cars will often require an exhaust hose that can withstand high temperatures. For MOT garages, and those working with standard cars, a crushproof hose will help ensure a long lifespan for the system, as the hose is often the most vulnerable part of a vehicle extraction setup. These hard wearing crush proof hoses are widely used by vehicle mechanics or those who show their vehicles at motor shows.