Track Systems for Mobile Vehicles

Exhaust extraction systems with automatic release, for emergency and rapid response vehicles.

Most vehicle exhaust systems are designed for use with vehicles which are remaining stationary during the extraction process. In cases where an vehicle has to rapidly dispatch from the garage, a track based rail system can be installed to provide a quick detachment between extractor and vehicle.

For the system to function, a fume extraction nozzle is secured to the vehicle by means of electro-magnet. This nozzle is attached to a sliding extraction arm, which can freely move along a rail channel system connected to an extraction fan.If the vehicle needs to leave the garage, it can be driven out of the garage quickly with the extraction still attached to the exhaust nozzle. When the nozzle reaches a threshold point, a sensor on the rail system causes the electro magnet to automatically detach repulse the nozzle away from the vehicle.

The extraction system will keep running for a short duration once the vehicle has left the garage, this ensures that no residual gases will be present in the system on powering down.

AES have previously installed these systems, which are produced by leading extraction specialists Nederman and Geovent, in Fire Stations and Ambulance depots.

If you are looking to have a system designed, installed or tested, or would like to know more about track systems for mobile vehicles, then call AES on 0800 032 0895 or email us on the address above.