Retractable Vehicle Exhaust Reels

Roof or wall mounted extraction reels for exhaust fume extraction in vehicle workshops.

Vehicle Exhaust hose reels can offer a practical solution for workplaces where space is at a premium as the hose can be set to hang at a reachable height. A variety of reels can be supplied with features such as spring drives, automatic dampers and motorised retractors.

Vehicle exhaust hose reels allow the fitting of an extraction nozzle, which connects to the exhaust tip of the vehicle being serviced. This connection allows the direct extraction of the vehicle exhaust fume directly from the engine.

Depending on the power of the extraction fan powering the system, many hose reels can often be connected in series. This is the ideal solution for garages or workshops where several users are working simultaneously – such as in an educational environment.

AES stock hose reels from leading manufactures such as Nederman and Geovent, and have provided these heavy duty systems to large technical colleges and vehicle manufacturers throughout the UK.

Hose reels are available in either motorised or manual operation configurations. Motorised systems are controlled by a remote device, which raises or lowers the hose to the requirements of the user. Manual systems feature spring loaded recoil systems, and can be locked in place by the user and released back to a wound position when no longer required.

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