On Tip Extraction

An alternative solution to extraction arms is the use of on-tip extraction. In this case the extraction is attached to the soldering iron and the harmful fumes are extracted at source.

On tip extraction is ideal for workers who solder to the likes of circuit boards for long periods of time. An extraction tube is mounted to the top of the soldering iron, with constant suction pulling the fumes created from the solder directly from the source of creation. This eliminates the need for arms, cowls or other cumbersome extraction products.

On tip soldering systems are available from 2-30 extraction tips simultaneously. Typically one system will provide enough extraction for multiple users on a production line, or an entire classroom of students in a technical college or school.

If you are looking to have an on-tip extraction solution installed, or need advice on choosing the correct on-tip system, then call us on 0800 032 0895 or email us on the address above. Alternatively, if you are wanting to make instant purchase of a system for rapid dispatch, then you can browse our selection of extractors by clicking on the link below.