Ducted Systems

Where are large number of soldering stations are required it may be more economical to fit a ducted system with a central fan. AES can design, supply and install a system that will allow multiple soldering stations to be used simultaneously.

Ducted systems typically consist of a series of extraction arms fitted to a duct system in series. This duct is then connected to a powerful extraction fan which creates suction for the extraction arms and exhausts the solder fumes externally from the building. A key benefit to a fixed ducted system is that the typical three-stage filtration process of portable systems is eliminated altogether, as the fumes are not recirculating back into the breathing space of the user.

Larger electronics production lines and technical colleges can benefit from multiple extraction arms and or vents to ensure that workers or students are kept protected from dangerous solder fumes.

AES can design a ducted fume system to fit the needs of the users, whilst also causing minimal disruption to the room, the building and its surroundings.

If you are looking to get a fixed ducted solder fume extraction system fitted, or are creating an electronics production line and require help in finding the correct solution for you process, call us on 0800 032 0895 or email us on the address above.