Benchtop Extraction Systems

AES supply bench top solder fume extraction kits from a leading manufacturers such as BOFA, Purex and Nederman. These typically consist of a flexible extraction arm connected to a small filter unit mounted under the bench. These kits are an economical solution where a small number of stations are required.

When using a bench top soldering extractor, the user positions the fume hood over the work piece before commencing their soldering. The extraction system draws the fume into the opening on the hood, and filters it before releasing clean and breathable air back into the room.

When filtering solder fumes, multiple stages of filtration are required in order to obtain clean exhausted air from the system. Benchtop solder fume extractors from BOFA typically feature three stages of filtration. The first stage, a synthetic material pre-filter, captures larger particles from the solder smoke. The second stage, a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, catches the smallest particles – 99.97% of particles with a diameter <0.3μm. The final stage of filtration comprises of a layer of activated carbon. Activated carbon absorbs gasses and smells from the solder process.

Benchtop units can also connect to arms, fume cabinets and other capture devices. Often the capture device is dependent on the preference of the user, as some may find an arm-and-hood system cumbersome.

If you are looking to install a bench top soldering fume extraction system in your workplace or school, then contact AES on 0800 032 0895, or email us on the address above. Alternatively, if you would like to instantly purchase a unit with rapid dispatch, then click the link below for our web shop.