Portable / Mobile Extractors

For small workplaces, or for companies carrying out on-site operations, portable extractors can offer a practical and economical solution for the control of stone dust. AES offers a range of mobile extractors from a variety of manufacturers including Nederman and the award winning DC range from DustControl.

Portable extractors allow the user to directly connect tools to a filtered vacuum suction system. When connected by means of a shroud and hose, any dusts produced by the power tool will be captured by the system and filtered through a high efficiency HEPA H13 filter. Portable extractors also allow the user to connect traditional vacuum tools, such as floor cleaning kits and crevice nozzles to assist in cleanup around the work site. This provides versatility on the job form the one reliable system.

Larger portable extractors for stone silica and brick dust applications include the Nederman Filterbox, which features a cleanable filter and versatile extraction arm. The hood of the extraction arm can be placed over the stone or brick being shaped, capturing dusts directly from the source. When the filter becomes saturated, a handle on the outside of the system can be turned to release dust from the filter into the lined collection box located at the bottom of the extractor. This can be emptied safely, as the bag used to line the collection box can be sealed and tied before disposal.

If you are looking for a portable extraction unit for stone and brick dusts, or need assistance in choosing the correct machine for your application, call us on 0800 032 0895, or email us on the address above.