High Vacuum On Tool

For processes where hand tools are used to cut stone or brick, containing Respirable Crystalline Sillica (RCS), on-tool capture using a high vacuum extractor can be a very effective solution to the control of dust. Stand-alone high vacuum stone dust extractors can be used, or for larger workshops ducted extraction systems can be installed.

On tool extraction removes the need for capture hoods, extraction arms or other LEV methods that are not easily portable or suitable for stone cutting. The stone working tool is fitted with an extraction shroud, which sits on the working end of the tool and allows for a high vacuum system to be directly connected to the process. Shrouds are available for tools such as stone cutting/sanding discs and pneumatic drills/chisels. Suction from the vacuum system directly captures dusts from the point of creation, meaning that not only is the air more breathable for the worker, but the process is cleaner and easier to view, as a plume of thick dust is no longer produced, and visibility is kept to a maximum.

Direct on tool extraction methods are available for a large variety of tools, and at a variety of power requirements. If you are looking for an on-tool extraction system to suit your tool, but are unsure of the correct setup to suit, then call us on 0800 032 0895, or email us on the address provided above.