Fixed Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are typically used in situations where multiple processes which produce brick and stone dust are being carried out simultaneously. Extraction can be via fixed hoods or mobile extraction arms which can be supplied in lengths of 1.5 – 9m and be easily positioned by the operator to give effective extraction at any point on a large work piece. A variety of filter units are available to ensure that the harmful fine dust captured can be safely disposed of.

Extraction arms, such as the Nederman Original Arm, are easily positioned and stay firmly in place as the user works. The arm is capable of extracting the dusts and chips created during the shaping and processing of stone. A light on the hood of the arm helps the worker to maintain a clear view of their work.

Ducted systems feature valves, which allow the user to attach vacuum tools directly to the extraction system ducting. For stone and brick work, brush and crevice vacuum nozzles allow the worker to clean excess dusts away from their work safely. These nozzles are usually mounted onto a slide valve, allowing the worker to open or close the suction as and when it is needed.

AES specialise in fixed ducted systems, and an extraction system can be designed specially to fit the bespoke needs of the client. Our expert qualified LEV system designers can provide you with a bespoke design suited to fit your building and requirements.

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