Clean Up Systems

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance, stone and brick dust containing Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) should not be dry brushed, but instead be vacuumed using either a centralised vacuum with plug in points or a portable unit with HEPA filter. AES offers a selection centralised ducted high vacuum systems and portable specialist extract units with fine filters that allows customers to keep workplaces clean and meet the HSE’s requirements.

Specialised portable high vacuums, such as those by Swedish manufacturer DustControl, allow the user to collect brick and stone dusts and light rubble from the working area. These units feature HEPA H13 filtration, which capture dangerous small particles of RCS dust, allowing the user to work in a safer and clearer breathing environment. Portable high vacuum units can often be supplemented by a portable air cleaner filtration system, which filters the ambient air of the working environment and captures dangerous dusts particles present in the breathing space of workers. The DustControl AirCube constantly recirculates and filters RCS dust from the room, and is the ideal companion to other RCS control systems.

For larger establishments with several workers or students using stone or brick, cleanup systems can be integrated into the main extraction system of the room. A centralised system allows the users to connect vacuum hoses through means of a flap valve, meaning a hose with a floor cleaning kit, or a brush nozzle can be attached quickly and simply for safe cleaning on the fly.

These centralised systems can be designed to fit most workplaces, and our expert team of qualified LEV system designers can specify a unique system for your needs. The installation of a centralised system is made simple by our dedicated install team, who make the process simple and intrusive.

If you would like help finding the correct cleanup system for your workplace, or need assistance in finding the correct product, contact us on 0800 032 0895 or email us on the address above.