Silica / Brick Dust

Many types of stone dust and brick dust contain Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), particles of which are extremely hazardous.

Extensive or prolonged exposure to Brick and Stone Dust RCS particles is known to cause a debilitating lung disease called Silicosis. There is no effective treatment for Silicosis.

RCS can be produced by a variety of process in many applications including quarrying, stone masonry, construction and training facilities. The prevalence of the contaminant and the dangers it can bring those exposed to it mean that RCS should always be extracted and avoided.

AES offers a wide range of products from a variety of manufacturers including Nederman, GEF and ESTA, which are specifically designed to control harmful fine stone and brick dusts including Respirable Crystaline Silica. This range includes fixed ducted systems with traditional extraction arms, high vacuum solutions for on-tool extraction, portable extractors, and air purifiers. Many of these systems can also be used for floor and bench cleaning in accordance with Health and Safety Executive Guidelines which prohibit dry brushing of brick and stone dust.

AES proudly offer a unique fixed walk-in extraction booth for the cutting of stone and brick. This groundbreaking extraction booth features self cleaning filters and powerful extraction, meaning the large amounts of stone dust produced from processes such as a stone cutting are now extractable – a task which was previously nearly impossible to manage.

For portable extraction suitable for stone masons or those working with brick, systems such as the ESTA Dustomat allow the user to position an extraction arm over their work and directly extract the dust created by processes such as chiselling and shaping.

For larger establishments, AES offer fixed centralised systems, which can facilitate multiple arms and cleanup systems for entire classes or workforces. Our expert installation and design teams can create a system for you which suits your needs and building, and is installed with minimal intrusion.