Open Fronted Booths

AES offer open fronted extraction booths to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Our open booths allow the user freedom of movement whilst working on a large workpiece.

Air directly in front of the unit is extracted, capturing dusts and fumes from the process. These systems can be connected to extraction ducting or dust collectors in order move the dust to an end source. Alternatively, filters can be placed within the booth, capturing particles directly and removing the requirement for later stage filtration.

One application that benefits greatly from an open fronted booth is the cutting and shaping of dry stone, such as limestone. Typically, using a powered grinding unit on a stone to cut and sand causes large dense plumes of dust that are difficult to capture by traditional extraction means. An open faced extraction booth with a high airflow and large filtration area can capture these dusts effectively, whilst allowing the worker to move around their workpiece with ease. AES offer an effective stone cutting and grinding booth with a self-cleaning filter system.

Open faced extraction booths are also ideal for workers using hard woods. Sanding and cutting can produce fine wood particles that are dangerous to the health of the worker. A booth system can effectively remove smaller particles from the air surrounding the work process. Booth systems for wood dust removal are particularly effective when combined with on-tool extraction.

An open faced spray-painting booth allows users that are coating parts with solvent based paints to work effectively and freely. Paint filters within these booths helps absorb moisture and pigment found within coatings. Spray painting booths can range in size, including benchtop airbrushing booths, mid-sized standalone systems with 1 metre wide faces and larger full sized walk-in booths.

If you are looking to purchase an open faced extraction booth, or would like assistance in choosing the correct extraction method for your application, then call us on 0800 032 0895 or email AES on the address above.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a smaller system to order instantly for rapid dispatch, then click the link below to be taken to our range of open faced extraction booths on our webshop.