Low Profile Booths

AES Low Profile Booths provide protection for both the operator and the working environment by extracting the light airborne dusts generated by sanding, grinding and trimming processes.

The Low Profile Booths have recessed tops to allow clearance for overhead lifting of large work pieces. Large work is normally carried out on the floor whilst intermediate work can be carried out on trestles or purpose built insertable benches.

There are two types of booths available, the SB booth is used for non hazardous materials and the TB booth, alongside an LW22P Wet Collector, is used to deal with hazardous sparks and dusts such as aluminium and titanium. The Low Profile Booths are available in three standard widths: – 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.6m and are only 1.2m high, ensuring that the operator can only work on the clean side of the booth.