Dust Control Booths

AES Dust Control Booths provide protection for the surrounding factory areas and are specified when operators require access to all parts of large work pieces. Containment Booths are manufactured to clients size requirements and are supplied with full or strip curtains to enable easy access for the workers. For excessively noisy applications, we also supply sound attenuated booths with double leaf access doors.

All Dust Control Booths are supplied with ductwork connection points at the rear and are available with wet or dry filtration units. Multiple booths can be connected to one centralised extraction unit, bringing maximum flexibility from one large system.

Enclosed dust control booths are suitable for applications such as sandblasting, in which the airborne dusts are hard to control in larger environments. Extraction at the far end of the booth creates a constant airflow, pulling dangerous light dusts away from the workpiece and the user.An enclosed booth is particularly useful in environments where draughts may be caused be extraneous factors within large buildings, such as open doors or air conditioning – which can cause dust to swirl and rise throughout the workplace.

An enclosed booth is particularly useful for the production of large wooden objects, such as furniture or building materials, where workers are required to move around the object during processes such as shaping and sanding. As the extraction is constant and contained, dangerous light dusts from hard woods will move away from the worker and into the extraction system, instead of pluming upwards towards the breathing space of the user.

AES Dust Control Booths are available with options such as acoustic wall panels, dust proof lighting, double glazed windows, and mechanically operated roofs, turntables and exhaust plenums.

Applications which commonly require the use of a Dust Control Booth: