Extraction Booths

Self contained extraction solutions for workers dealing with large quantities of dusts, paints or solvents.

For processes where traditional extraction methods are unable to extract all of the created contaminant, such as when very large amounts of dust, spray or particles are being produced, an extraction booth is the ideal LEV solution.

An extraction booth allows the user to work uninterrupted in a fully or partially enclosed area, with high powered extraction removing or the contaminant away from the user as they work.

Booths are particularly useful for applications where the volume and spread of the particulate is difficult to control – such as when cutting dry stone, or shaping acrylics. The large intake capabilities of an extraction booth and the ability to house a very large filtration area mean that this solution will not become saturated at the same rate as traditional LEV methods. On many systems, an integrated compressed air pulse system cleans the filters, dropping excess dusts and particles into collection drawers.

For workers using spray paints or solvents in large quantities, such as when finishing vehicles or parts, a spray booth can be the ideal capture solution, providing the user a friendly working environment which protects the operator and the surrounding workforce. Spray booths are available with moisture collecting paint filters for excellent capture of airborne liquids.

Extraction booths can work in series with other LEV equipment, such as wet collectors, shaker units and external fans. Often a booth can be connected to a centralised system in order to integrate with other systems.

If you are looking for a booth extraction solution for your workshop, or would like assistance if finding the correct extraction system for your contaminant, then call us on 0800 032 0895 or email AES on the address provided above. We can design and supply systems throughout the UK.