Air Purifiers

Some processes, e.g. cutting of stone using mechanical tools, can generate such large quantities of stone dust that, even with the best LEV controls, some dust will escape into the general workroom. Air purifiers, which continuously recirculate and clean the air through HEPA filters can help employers meet their legal duties and protect their employees. AES offer a range of HEPA-filtered air purifiers from DustControl.

These systems, which continuously run within the working environment, turn over air and filter away harmful particles, before returning the air back to the room in a breathable output. Air filtration systems such as these are suitable for removing wood dusts, stone dusts and other particles from the ambient air of the job site.

The portability of the system, and the availability of both 230V and 110V power options make DustControl portable air scrubber units the ideal addition to job sites, especially for those working in smaller rooms, such as when building or renovating homes.

All DustControl AirCube units come with a full set of filters, and when a filter change is required, a full selection of DustControl filters are available via our web shop for quick purchase and rapid dispatch.

If you require assistance in choosing the correct air filtration unit for your needs, or would like a quote for any of the AirCube units, call us on 0800 032 0895, or email us on the address above. Our expert team will answer any question regarding the units, and can help you to get a great deal.