LEV Air Flow Indicators

The Need for Airflow Indicators.

Regulation 9 of COSHH 2002 (Maintenance, Examination and Testing of Control Measures) states that all LEV systems must be maintained in “efficient working order”. As an employer you therefore have a legal obligation to ensure that LEV systems keep working properly.

One simple way of achieving this is the use of airflow indicators at the extraction hoods to provide reassurance that the flow-rate is maintained and that the protection for employees is present at all times. The use of indicators is recommended within HSG 258 (Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work), the latest guidance on LEV compliance from the HSE.

About AES Airflow Indicators

The AES airflow indicator has been specifically designed for use in LEV systems. Constructed in stainless steel, the gauge displays the vacuum level at the adjacent duct or hood. All gauges are available with an adjustable ‘safe working zone’ visual indicator, which can be set to display the correct working range for the specific LEV hood. Gauges can be surfaced mounted or duct mounted.

Our digital gauges provide a clear indication to show if the system is effectively flowing. When the system reaches the correct airflow speed within the duct for efficient extraction, the indicator will show a digital arrow meter. If the system drops below an acceptable rate, or is not functioning at all, the LEV gauge will show a large cross notifying the user of the unsafe nature of the system.

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  • Active LCD display showing ‘airflow safe’ or ‘airflow fail’
  • Supplied with all fittings for connection to ducts/flat surfaces
  • Includes grommit for pressure sensor point
  • Suitable for static pressure range of 200 – 2500Pa
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (supplied) giving 14 months of continuous operation
  • Easily calibrated by user
  • Includes instruction manual detailing installation and setup


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  • Stainless steel body
  • 63mm diameter
  • Available in ranges from 0 – 0.75kPa to 0 – 25kPa
  • 6mm connection for vacuum tube
  • Supplied with tubing and duct connection spigot
  • Supplied with adjustable ‘safe working zone’ visual indicator sticker
  • Supplied with flexible metal straps for connection to ducting or flat surfaces


Order your LEV Airflow Indicator today from AES here.