Nederman FX2 Arms Now Available From AES


AES are proud to announce that we now supply the full range of Nederman FX2 Benchtop Extraction Arms. The FX2 series offers cutting edge flexibility within the work environment – allowing the user to achieve maximum extraction efficiency.

The arms can be mounted in a variety of positions, meaning there is an option available no matter what the task, or how much space is available. The arms are suited for the elimination of smoke, fumes, gases and dust – removing these hazardous airborne contaminants from the breathing space of workers.

The FX2 series features three specific model types : Standard, Chemical and ESD/EX. Standard arms are most suited towards capturing fumes during applications such as electronics manufacturing, 3D printing and restoration tasks. Chemical arms, which feature a white hygienic coating are suited towards health and pharmaceutical industries as they are easily sterilised. ESD/EX specific arms fit environments where cutting the risk of electrostatic discharge is paramount, such as whilst working with expensive electronic components. The ESD/EX arm can also be used in applications with potentially explosive atmospheres.

A notable feature of the new FX2 range is the integrated ‘mini’ hood which now comes as standard on all arms. This design allows the arm to be combined at any stage with the many other hoods available, providing a universal connection point for all configurations within the range, removing the need for any additional parts.

The 360 degrees of rotation the FX2 allows makes it one of the most versatile options available on the market. The great modern design of the arm means that it will blend seamlessly into any lab, office or production environment.

The full range of arms are available on the AES web store, with each model, size and installation option ready for your workplace. For help choosing the right Nederman arm for you, please contact AES on 0800 032 0905 or email

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