Case Study

Midlands Technical College Benefits from AES Dust Extraction

When this Midlands Technical College came to renewing their Constructions Skills campus they required a new wood dust extraction system which was capable of capturing and extracting wood waste from there range of machinery within their large wood machining workshop. The client had clear requirements from the extraction system but was unsure how they could be realised. They were keen to ensure extraction from every machine but wished to avoid having a large external area taken up by extraction equipment as was present at their existing facility. They also wanted to ensure that they system was energy efficient in terms of power consumption and with the lowest possible heat loss from the building. Following a survey of the existing college workshops and detailed consultation with the college staff AES Ltd designed an intelligent extraction system which featured automatic control dampers linked to machine start / stop controls. By taking the time to work with the College staff we learned that only 30% of the machinery within the department would be in use simultaneously. By using automatic valves we could ensure that extraction was only on when the machine was in use thus allowing us to ensure that fan and filter units size was kept to a minimum.

Such was the success with the project that the client used the funds saved for a C-VAC cleaning system to enable floor and bench cleaning throughout their carpentry workshops area.

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