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City of Glasgow College – AES Complete LEV Installation Works for the Largest College in Scotland

The new £228 million City of Glasgow College is complete and open for students. This brand new building showcases some of the most advanced teaching facilities in the UK. AES have completed the installation and commissioning of multiple classrooms and workshops extraction systems within the college in both the Riverside Campus and City Campus.

Summary of Works

Joinery Workshops

AES have equipped the Joinery Workshops within City of Glasgow College with effective and detailed extraction solutions for all machinery. With years of experience within educational installations, the AES design team are able to create efficient bespoke extraction and duct route designs that compliment the machinery and space within the workshops. The AES installation team then worked efficiently to fully install and commission the extraction systems for the woodworking equipment within the workshops and provided a high quality final installation.

Wood Dust Extraction Systems for Joinery Workshops

The AES C-Vac extraction system has been used to provide effective extraction from the woodworking machines and bench/floor cleanup within the workshop. The C-Vac gives the student and teaching staff the safety required for performing best practice with woodworking  machinery, whilst capturing the harmful wood dust directly from the machine.

Stonemasons Brick Laying Workshop and Specialist Stone/Silica Dust Extraction System

The Brick laying and stone-masonry workshop required multiple source extraction solutions to provide the users the most versatile solution to remove the harmful stone/silica dust from the working area. The flexible extraction arms provide the students and staff with an easy to use extract point at each work station, allowing the users to work without restriction.


Plaster Dust (plaster mixing) Extraction Canopies

The bespoke designed canopies within the plaster workshop in City of Glasgow College allow the students to mix the plaster ingredients while the harmful dust is captured by the canopy and transported through the LEV system. The low level extraction has been designed so that movement and lifting of ingredients and mixing objects is minimal.


Jewellery Design Workshop – Hot Works Installation and Multiple Benchtop Extraction Solutions

Jewellery design requires intricate bonding and forming of materials and AES have provided a benchtop extraction solution for students that allows the harmful fumes produced during the jewellery design and assembly processes to be captured at source. Each station uses a powerful BOFA extraction and filtration unit which houses a combined filter to remove the harmful particulate from the process and recirculate the clean air back into the classroom. The carbon filter inside the units also help absorb the fumes and keep them within the unit and away from potential harm. The multiple stations allow the students to have effective extraction throughout the design studio and confidence when starting every project. AES also installed two forging units for prospective jewellery designers to help prepare their materials for use.


Creative Design Workshops

Design Studio

For the design studios and workshops AES installed centralised wood dust extraction systems to service all of the woodworking machinery within the workshops. AES also provided numerous benchtop spray booths to help with the extraction of painting and finishing processes used by the designers.


Furniture Machines Workshop

A bespoke extraction system was installed externally from the workshop at the college to provide effective and powerful extraction for all of the machinery.

Product Design Workshop

The product design workshop within the college comprises of multiple woodworking and plastic moulding machinery. The prospective designers within the college will have the best quality of machinery and extraction to suit for many different processes being used for product prototyping.


Model Makers Studio

Fume extraction arms and hoods were used for the kiln extraction and the harmful fumes were absorbed by an external carbon filtration unit. For the woodworking machinery used within the model making studios AES have installed a centralised wood dust extraction system that can be sued for immediate extraction of wood dust form machinery and also can be used for benchtop and floor cleaning. For the painting and other finishing processes we have provided multiple benchtop spray booths.


Kiln Casting and Glass Preparation Room

Stainless steel canopies were installed over benchtop glass kilns used by students for glass preparation and glass design.


This large LEV installation is another benchmark project for AES. We have provided the college with bespoke extraction systems of the highest quality and reliability throughout the facility.

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