AES Attend BOHS Breathe Freely Breakfast Roadshow


BOHS Breathe Freely in Manufacturing

AES recently attended the BOHS Breathe Freely breakfast roadshow. The conference focused upon controlling the levels of exposure in manufacturing in order to prevent respiratory disease amongst workers.

Welding was the primary topic, and the control of hazardous fumes from MIG and TIG varieties of welding was emphasised. Capturing the harmful fumes at source with the correct LEV allows the workers to breathe freely and reduce the risk of occupational health hazards within manufacturing.

By protecting welders and fabricators through the correct extraction methods, the employer stands to fulfil the often overlooked ‘health’ side of ‘Health and Safety’. The importance of worker health was highlighted in a presentation from Gordon Smith, Special Inspector in Occupational Hygiene of the Health and Safety Executive. HSE Statistics have shown that approximately 13,000 deaths have been caused by work related diseases during 2015/2016; when compared to the 144 from safety accidents in the workplace. This statistic is bafflingly high, and demonstrates the need for protecting workers and their health – through Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV – Dust and fume extraction).


Mike Slater Past-President of BOHS and Chair of Breathe Freely Steering Group, touched on the improved performance of on-torch welding fume extraction within industry, and how the products and systems now available have been revolutionary in reducing worker exposure to welding fumes. Another talking point from the day was the seriousness of fumes created during the welding of stainless steel, zinc-coated steels and aluminium giving off harmful hexavalent chromium and ozone. Controlling these highly dangerous fumes at source is paramount for any manufacturing facility.

Occupational hygienist for BAE Systems Maritime and Head of SHE Claire Walsh outlined the steps a company can take to achieve the best air conditions for its workers. Claire provided compelling arguments towards investing improving employee health within the workplace.

Companies and those who attended the event were invited to sign a pledge to declare that they would ensure the breathing safety of their workers was priority within manufacturing, AES support this pledge by providing industry leading dust and fume extraction solutions for the manufacturing industry.

For any assistance in selecting the correct extraction option for your manufacturing application, please feel free to contact AES on 0800 032 0895 or view our range of welding fume extraction products available from our online web shop.

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